Pocket Query

The Problem: One night, my boss messaged me asking me for some statistics and I wished there was a way I could quickly query the results from my smartphone.

This project was purely a personal design challenge, but it proved to be a great exercise in app design.

Loading Screen

When you’re writing your queries, it’s often helpful to see a small selection of results. Here you can see the results inline with the editor. Notice the “Limit: 1000” button at the top of the keyboard — this can be changed and turned on and off while you write the query.

Inline Editor and Results

For larger queries, you just need a larger editor. Here you can see the editor in it’s maximised state.

Editor Maximised

For the original problem I had — where my boss was asking for some quick statistics, I realised it would be handy to write the query, but then have a button that could quickly run a count operation on the current query.

Quick Count Query

For larger sets of results, you would of course need a larger view.

Results with Minimised Editor

The app needs to allow you to login to multiple Google Accounts and projects. In BigQuery you can also save personal or project queries. The menu provides affordances for all of these scenarios.


Finally, it is handy to have a schema reference to help you build a mental model of the data and write your query.

Schema: Tables

And, why not make it easy to add a field to your query?

Schema: Fields

Key Contributions

  • Designed app in Figma.
  • Affordances for multiple projects, saved queries, running ad-hoc queries.
  • Full screen query editor, full screen results or a split view for both.
  • Ability to quickly reference the schema along with auto-complete and intellisense.

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