James Angus

James Angus

Group Manager, Mission Systems

[email protected]

Brisbane, Australia

Technology should work hard for people, not the other way around

Business AnalysisData AnalysisDesign & Programming


Having topped my IT classes at school and going on to study multimedia, I started building websites professionally in 2001.

In 2008, I joined the team at a non-profit — SU QLD — and have been working in various roles since. In June 2021, SU QLD was merged into SU Australia, along with 6 other states and 2 additional organisations.

As Group Manager, Mission Systems, I lead a team that bridges the gap between what people need on the ground and the technical and compliance requirements of the organisation. This role has strategic oversight over mission enabling systems, including business analysis, project management and analytics.

Together with IT and the Support Hub teams, we help to create, improve and transform the digital experiences of over 1200 staff, over 7500 volunteers and millions of young Australians and their families.

My tools of the trade are a Macbook Pro, music, coffee and any software package or programming language that delivers the best outcomes for the end-user.


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