Recurring Donation Uplift

The Problem: SU QLD had some very faithful long-term donors who wanted more control over their recurring donations. The fundraising team also wanted to offer these donors an easy way to automatically increase their giving each year.

From automatic emails and landing pages to the donor in Marketing Cloud, to a configurable app in Salesforce, this system automates as much as possible, while still putting a lot of power in the hands of the administrators and the donors themselves.

The Marketing Cloud email notice with the donor's new schedule of giving.

If the donor clicks the CTA in the email, they are redirected to a secure landing page:

The Marketing Cloud landing page where a donor can adjust their recurring donation along with the automatic uplift options.

Any changes made on this page will be immediately reflected in Salesforce. Recurring Donation Uplift records are created so we have a history of uplifts over time, along with a reference for what will be processed in the coming year:

Each year an uplift record is created in Salesforce.

This project took advantage of SFDX so that development could be version controlled and flow through a CI/CD process for quality control at every stage.

Key Contributions

  • Requirements gathering and process mapping.
  • Functional build and technical development using SFDX.
  • Emails, landing pages and journeys built in Marketing Cloud.
  • Campaign launch marketing setup and send.

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