Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

The Problem: SU QLD needed a way to automate their stakeholder engagement and increase donor retention.

SU QLD had been using Campaign Monitor for email communications, but it was not connected to the CRM in any meaningful way. There was also a desire to branch into new channels like social, paid advertising and SMS messaging.

The organisation had some complex data needs when it came to marketing and the product that made the most sense on all fronts was Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

SU QLD's Corporate Lapsing Series Journey

This project required technical integration with Salesforce (Sales Cloud), Google Groups and the mailhouse.

I coordinated the Marketing, Fundraising and Programs teams, along with the Salesforce consultants and the Marketing Cloud consultants to ensure everyone transitioned successfully.

Key Contributions

  • Requirements gathering and user story development.
  • Stakeholder Engagement to help create excitement and manage expectations.
  • Working with internal teams and external consultants to implement and transition data.
  • Some implementation, including custom development, journey building and integrations.
  • Activation of new channels, including online advertising and SMS marketing.

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