SU QLD Wordpress Website

The Problem: SU QLD’s website was aging, hard to navigate and did not represent the brand adequately.

Working with an agency to complete the design and ensure the main website for SU QLD best represented it to various stakeholders.

SU QLD's Wordpress Website Homepage

Due to time-constraints we decided to outsource the initial design and build to a design agency. To that end it was vital that the agency had a comprehensive understanding of the organisation, it’s stakeholders and the requirements.

Once the Wordpress template was created, I took over the development to complete the more intricate integrations with internal systems and build out a CI/CD pipeline for pushing changes through staging into production.

Key Contributions

  • Designed wireframes and worked with internal stakeholders to confirm functional requirements.
  • Shortlisted external providers to produce the designs and initial code.
  • Extended the theme to include custom integrations with internal systems.
  • Trained the internal teams to manage content for their respective areas.

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